Champion City, a new novel


I’ve been working on this damn thing for longer than I really should, and I’ve never really been happy with it.

This patchwork of chapters has benefited from the various stages of my writing ability as I’ve revisited it time and again over the past twelve years, and in January I decided enough is enough, am I ever going to use it? No.

So rather than give up on the characters and world that I created – I’ve grown quite attached to them – I decided to rewrite the whole novel from scratch…as a science fiction novel. So that’s what i’m doing.

I’m roughly halfway through the first draft of the novel and making steady progress, but as this is my first full length novel I thought i’d see if I could enlist my friends and supporters to take a look and feed back any inconsistencies, cracks and/or spelling mistakes I might have missed. Take a look at the plot and a link to the first free chapter below:


Champion City is about Borden city, the largest of the domed cities of Jupiter’s fourth moon Callisto. When Edward Samuels returns home after receiving word of his father’s death, he quickly discovers that although he may have forgotten about his past, it didn’t forget about him, and someone has been waiting a long time for his return.

Borden city, as with all of the domed cities of the Jovian moons, is under the control of the massive Pontus Group, a megacorporation run by Jack De Luca, head of the powerful and dangerous De Luca family.

When Samuels learns that his father’s death may not have been an accident, he begins his own investigation into De Luca, and their shared past. As Samuels plays catch up after his long absence, he learns of a plan which could shift the balance of power dramatically across the solar system. To prevent a disaster Samuels must stop one of the most powerful men in the solar system, or find himself in the middle of an interplanetary war.


Check out the first chapter here.

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